Transforming Big Data
into Actionable


The Pegasus Big Data Analytics and Information Management Platform ingests, manages and fuses a broad spectrum of data sources to create highly actionable intelligence.
Data Ingestion

Any Data, Any Source,
Any Format, Any Size
Data Fusion

Common objects and entities fused from disparate sources with a consistent and accurate representation
Data Management

Unified architecture and granular access controls govern the enrichment, storage, and secure handling of your data

Purpose-driven analytics that drive your operational workflows
Advisory Services

Expert guidance across
all aspects of your
Big Data initiatives


Pegasus is a UAE-based software technology company with a global presence. We build Big Data applications that solve real world problems. We don’t develop software in a lab. Instead, our experts work on the ground right next to you to leverage your data asset in pursuit of your organization’s mission.

Things that inspire us

Pegasus transforms your petabytes of individual data sets into game changing insights. Don’t get lost in the noise. Leverage your knowledge base.

Massive Scale

We don’t just connect and organize your data. We do more than increase your access to your vast data repositories. We generate real and actionable intelligence from it. The result? You make better decisions, anticipate change sooner, and navigate new terrain like a native.

Analytics & Intelligence

Our engineers don’t stay locked in a room, building over-engineered tools that no one will use. They sit side-by-side with our clients, iterating scalable, nimble tools that cut through the noise. Our clients realize more impressive results. Faster.

Real-World Problems

Structured, semi-structured, proprietary or open source. We don’t discriminate when it comes to data. We bring it all together to provide a complete view of your world.

Data Fusion

Careers at pegasus

We’re always on the lookout for new talent.

We’re doing exciting work. Contact us if you’re a Design, Engineering, Product or Program Management professional who wants to be on the cutting edge of Big Data development.


Dynamic Offices

We work in small, agile, and collaborative teams in a continuous release cycle. Our approach gives individual team members greater ownership and input into decisions.


Mission Importance

We’re building software that directly impacts how critical institutions tackle their core missions.  This is Big Data in the real world.

People First

In addition to providing a premium benefits package for you and your family, we make it a priority to equip you with the tools, systems and resources to be successful in your career.

Contact us


To learn more about Pegasus software and how we can help with your Big Data initiatives, contact us at [email protected]


To learn more about opportunities, and to contribute to our exciting development projects, contact us at [email protected]